“The greatest moment for social justice our country has ever known
is the Civil Rights movement and it was totally rooted in a love ethic.”
Bell Hooks

Eureka! was born out of love for our children and hope for our community.

Our commitment to set a new standard of expectations and outcomes for students
who have suffered too long under the myth of inability is stronger than ever!

Our mission to open the first intentionally-inclusive and universally-designed
publicly funded school in Santa Clara County is stronger than ever!

Our belief that Eureka! will open the door of opportunity a little wider, extend equity a little further,
and make the future a little brighter for our entire community is stronger than ever!

Together We Are Stronger Than Ever!
Please Join Us

Initial Appeal Hearing - Wednesday, July 17, 2019, at 6:00 p.m.

Decision Hearing - Wednesday August 7, 2019, at 6:00 p.m.

Santa Clara County Office of Education
1290 Ridder Park Drive
San José, CA 95131

Please include a personal message, as well as your name and ZIP code. If you sent an email of support to the San José Unified Board, please send a new email to the County Board.

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“Inclusive education is not a marginal issue, but is central to the achievement of high quality education for all learners and the development of more inclusive societies.” - UNICEF, 2008

Inclusion is about more than just placement in a “regular” education class. Inclusion is about fulfilling our basic need for meaning and purpose and maximizing our quality of life. Inclusion is about participating in day-to-day life as a welcomed and embraced member of the community. Inclusion can happen at home, in the workplaces, in our playgrounds and churches and civic centers. And inclusive schools are the building blocks of inclusive cities.

The neighborhood public school still possesses the greatest potential for initiating the systemic change we need to create a more inclusive society. Building strong relationships and friendships with others enriches our lives and provides a sense of belonging and security, especially at an early age, when our personalities and personas develop at a rapid rate. Feeling loved, respected, and included is a critical component of everyone’s wellbeing. That’s exactly the type of community we want to create at Eureka!

We invite you to meet our families, explore our programs, and meet our partners in making this dream a reality for our all of our kids. And please sign up for our mailing list below for regular updates.

With respect, hope, and an unwavering commitment, we are honored to continue this journey with you!



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