Music Art Design Expression: MADE by ME

MADE by Me.jpg

MADE by ME is a daily, student driven exploration period and is an extension of our belief that learning occurs naturally when humans feel safe to explore, inquire, and express. MADE by Me is a time at the end of each day when students can take the events, feelings, and findings of the day to explore and make meaning of their thoughts in their own way.

The MADE by Me program draws upon the work of Harvard’s Project Zero program, the Maker movement, Reggio-Emilia educational theory, Orff-Schulwerk, and the Kodaly and Dalcroze developmental methods of music education for its foundation. It aligns with the California Content Standards for Performing and Visual Arts. MADE is meant to extend our focus from the learner centered integrated arts inquiry based classroom to a truly child centered period of exploration.

MADE Student Showcase

Eureka! Students will participate in a student designed showcase of their works and passions. We anticipate science projects, theatrical productions, concerts, a gallery walk of artwork, fashion shows, speeches, poetry, “made” items, research posters, and biographies to be among the many ways Eureka! Students apply formal learning and personal passion to real world applications and expression.