We visited The CHIME Institute and realized our dream of inclusion was a reality,
just not here, just not yet!
— Tiffany Maciel, Eureka! Inclusive Founder


Our mission is to establish an intentionally inclusive and universally designed TK-Grade 6 school reflective of the cultural, linguistic, and learning diversity of students living in San José Unified School District neighborhoods.


Our vision is to nurture a community of intentionally inclusive, universally designed, relationship based, schools throughout Santa Clara County.


Our commitment to the academic success of all children is neither neutral nor inconsequential. It is the pedagogical challenge of our time that we can and should meet if we are to educate and prepare students to be 21st century civically engaged members of the global community.

  • Eureka! Inclusive will provide a welcoming school environment for students who are currently under-served by traditional public and charter schools.

  • Eureka! Inclusive will provide excellent academics in an environment that endeavors to nurture a sense of self-worth and intrinsic value in each child.

  • Eureka! Inclusive will set a new standard of expectation and outcomes for student subgroups that have suffered too long under the myth of inability.