“Inclusive education is not a marginal issue, but is central to the achievement of high quality education for all learners and the development of more inclusive societies.”
— UNICEF, 2008

Our Story

Eureka! Inclusive began with a set of parents who have children with learning disabilities.  The parents did not want a school that set their children apart, they wanted a school that recognized and met the needs of all students, including students with a variety of disabilities.

As they searched for a model of schooling that met the dual need of meaningfully including their children in the student population while also attending to their specific academic needs, the parents found the inclusive education school model and the Universal Design for Learning approach to curriculum.  They realized that this schooling and curricular approach expands academic opportunities for all students who had experienced marginalization not just because of a disability but also because of their socio-economic level, their race or ethnicity, their gender orientation, or even their giftedness.


    By successfully identifying barriers, researching solutions, and bringing together experts and diverse stakeholders from the fields of education, finance, marketing, law, and child development, the Eureka! Inclusive founders have designed the first intentionally-inclusive and universally designed public charter school in Santa Clara County.  

    Eureka! Inclusive TK-Grade 8 Charter School will compliment the network of excellent schools in San Jose Unified School District by providing the community with a school designed to serve students with unmet academic, social, emotional, and recreational needs.

    For students beginning their academic journey Eureka! Inclusive will: 

    • Provide a universally designed and inclusive approach to education conducive to healthy development across all domains
    • Promote academic, social and mental health
    • Prevent development of academic, social and mental health deficits

    For the students who are struggling in their current placement, Eureka! will:

    • Intervene to restore academic, social and mental health.
    • Maintain current skill and promote development by providing a nurturing and supportive environment allowing children to make the academic, social, and emotional gains necessary to regain their capacities as active and engaged learners.
    At the core of what schools are about is relationships…You can get the curriculum right, but if the relationships are not right, the school will not succeed.”- Cavanaugh