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Thank you for your interest in joining the Eureka! Inclusive Teaching Team. Please complete our Meaningfully Interested Teacher Form, which is required by San Jose Unified School District as part of our petition. Email completed forms to:

Want to learn about the unique features of Eureka! designed to support our educators? Please take the time to read our petition. We believe that when teachers feel supported and valued, their capacity to support children and each other grows.

A culture of inclusion. We expect our educators to dedicate themselves to our intentionally inclusive and universally designed educational framework and believe that diversity should be the norm. A child-friendly, inclusive model goes beyond teaching tolerance to transform educational experiences in such a way that children come to appreciate diversity as fundamental to a vibrant and successful society.

Moreover, children in a school environment where difference is valued as an asset come to understand the power of cooperation and collaboration to maximize the strengths of all members of a group and minimize the impact of individual weaknesses. They come to understand in a profound way the invaluable contribution diversity makes to the strength and well-being of humanity as a whole.

Eureka! Inclusive teams will be supported by  SWIFT Schools and The CHIME Institute for professional development support and technical assistance guidance throughout the school design, planning, launch and growth process.

The Eureka! Inclusive model will use research-based practices that have proven significant benefits for students in terms of both academic outcomes and social and emotional capacity building.

But you don’t have to take our word for it…

“When you separate the teachers in the classroom, you are only one step away from creating a segregated classroom.” - Dr. Erin Studer, Executive Director of Charter School Programs, CHIME Institute

The plan looks innovative and should become a resource to the District. UDL is important and is best addressed in a whole school, rather than classroom context in my view, and supported by tiered instruction (MTSS). It requires complicated master schedules but provides "heavy hitter" kids appropriate environments for addressing their challenges without the need to segregate them.” - Dr. Wayne Sailor, Director, SWIFT Schools

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