Interdisciplinary Teaching Teams / Co-Teaching


Eureka! classrooms implement an integrated co-teaching model comprised of general and special education teachers, occupational therapists, and language specialists. This approach has proven to reduce teacher to student ratios and enhance teacher and student relationships.

Our teams recognize potential, nurture confidence, encourage inquiry, and guide learning. Together they develop lesson plans to support the interests and abilities of students and embed curriculum into interventions and supports. The result is that every single student receives a significant education, one that is socially meaningful and academically effective in advancing them towards self actualization.

Daily team co-planning time fosters trusting professional learning communities. For classrooms to be cultures of thinking, schools must be cultures of thinking for teachers.  Eureka! Inclusive will develop a professional community in which deep and rich discussions of teaching, learning, and thinking are a fundamental part of teachersʼ ongoing experience. Teaching teams will develop and practice universally designed lessons, build in scaffolds, and assess the level of understanding and accessibility of all learners, receive peer feedback, and make adjustments.

Humans are dynamic and need a constant reminder that what we understand in theory does not always work in practice. In turn, what happens in practice shapes evolving theoretical concepts. Central to the success of Eureka! is the belief that each member of the interdisciplinary team offers a professional perspective that helps everyone better understand and support the holistic development of each other, each student, and each member of the school community.

The SWIFT Education Center is providing Eureka! Inclusive a framework and model to support the development and the ability to sustain an inclusive educational model. SWIFT technical assistance will include developing Eureka! Inclusive as a clinical site for experiences in observation, fieldwork, and student teaching.