Technology Toolbox

Technology, Universal Design for Learning (and UDL), and Equity-Based Inclusion: Silicon Valley Technology opens doors to classrooms around the world. Technology, in particular digital media, makes UDL implementation practical and achievable in a diverse classroom.

Individualized Technology Plans (ITP)

All students will have an ITP designed to support their needs, maximize learning and enhance outcomes. The technology used at Eureka! will incorporate both effective blended learning platforms as well as a variety of other tools that will allow all students to learn at their own pace.

Digital materials make it possible for the same material to be flexibly presented and accessed – even adapted on a student-to-student basis. A variety of technological supports enable Eureka! in ways that allow all children to share experiences, exchange thoughts, and form friendships.

“The interesting thing about the keyboard was that it had buttons for switching to different setups like a mouse setup, so I explored a bit on my own and figured out how to control the mouse when I was about six years old. It was then I started to explore more of what I could do with a computer. Before long, I was playing with different Windows themes and settings, customizing everything. To this day, computers and all thing tech have played a bigger and bigger role in my everyday life. It is a good thing I like technology!”

- Christopher