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Eureka! Inclusive Global Read Aloud Book Club 2018

Global Read Aloud (GRA) was created in 2010 with a simple goal in mind; one book to connect the world

 Please join other Eureka families and classrooms around the world as we step into the world of Bat.

 Over 6 weeks beginning October 10, 2018, we will explore favorite spots, the five senses, body language, figures of speech, and points of view. All levels of reading ability welcome.

 A Boy Called Bat features, Bixby Alexander Tam (Bat for short), an autistic boy. Author Elana K. Arnold presents Bat’s neurodiversity through his actions and, set within the context of an engaging and tender plot.

 The focus on inclusive educational practices and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) make A Boy Called Bat a welcome addition to the Eureka! LIbrbay.

 The lessons Bat learns about empathy and divergent perspectives are perceptions beneficial for all students, whether neurodiverse or neurotypical

 The book is available at Amazon and on Audible. Please contact Tiffany is you would like to borrow the book fro Eureka! or if you would like an adapted version.

Email Tiffany at to learn more and sign up for the Wednesday after school group.